Chapter 1, page 27

alschroeder on Jan. 12, 2011

Hoodoo makes pretty short work of (robot) Sista Superior - this sequence was written to introduce you to Hoodoo (or reintroduce you, if you've already been reading Magellan). None of this saying spells backwards or fake latin mumbo jumbo… Hoodoo uses the full range of magic and uses it well. For more info on Hoodoo, read it all here.!

So, why Hoodoo? When Al approached me to join Crossoverkill it was pretty much up to me to chose which of the many characters that inhabit the Magellanverse to include. If Al had a personal preference he never mentioned it but anyway I offered up Hoodoo without a second thought. During the “Bad Karma” storyline it was clear she was quickly becoming a fan favorite and I really enjoyed writing for her and drawing her. She's cool, calm, capable and takes no crap. You hear that, bad guys? No crap! Plus, since the end of Bad Karma, I'd designed a kick ass new costume for her and figured this would be a great way to launch it!

Vertigo is another member of Force Magellan, and we're going to meet her and the rest of the team tomorrow as Mindmistress and Energize brief them on the activities of the Doppleganger Gang!