Chapter 1, page 28

alschroeder on Jan. 13, 2011

Way back in 1972 (Magellanverse time-wise, that is) a popular superhero sacrificed his life to stop the invasion of Earth by murderous Q'Arth demons - that young man was known as Magellan. In the wake of his death an academy to train future heroes was founded - as was Force Magellan a team of defenders drawing its membership from the very best superheroes on Earth (and beyond). If you're interested in more of that history check here and here.

Some generations later we arrive at the current roster of Force Magellan: Vertigo (team leader), Ranger Bill, The Heirophant, Epoch, Tros and of course Hoodoo. Within the pages of Magellan the focus is usually on Epoch (father to frequently irate and immature cadet Charisma) although all the others have also had a chance to show what they can do - most notably Hoodoo in the Bad Karma storyline.

Tomorrow (Wednesday Jan 19th) will see Mindmistress, Energize, Hoodoo and the rest of Force Magellan home in on those pesky Death stealing Dopplegangers… as well as some other Magellanverse bad guys. Hmmm… I wonder who they'll be?
Seems that the Dead Duck is alive again. Really, it needs to stay off the booze ‘cos it sure can’t handle these weekend long benders.
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