Chapter 1, page 29

alschroeder on Jan. 19, 2011

There were five updates last week so make sure you go back five pages to catch them all.

Here's a double dose of your bad guy quota for today! Not only do we have four members of the Doppelganger Gang but also the Master Assassin and a whole swarm of Character Assassins. This is actually the first time the Assassins have been seen in the flesh - their previous appearances have been as (SPOILER ALERT…!) illusions - here and here - or as training robots in the Robomat - here. It's also the debut appearance of the cult's leader known as the Master Assassin… more on this guy tomorrow. As for the ‘Gangers - this is the first appearance for Kid Apocalypse (designed by Bad Guy High’s the Red Death); the second appearance for Syko Suki (one of my creations), her debut was in this earlier scene; Chant (designed by Mindmistress' Al Schroeder) was previously seen in the shadows here, and; a debut by Esteban Frío (also one of mine).

There are two more updates this week - Thursday and Friday… see you tomorrow as negotiations go pear-shaped!

Apologies for the down time folks (not that it was our fault, but y'know, sorry). It's thrown our update schedule out of whack but providing DD stays on its feet and doesn't fall into a big drooling mess we plan to have the next page up Thursday and then Friday this week and Monday thru Friday next week. Thanks for reading, commenting and rating us!