Chapter 1, page 30

alschroeder on Jan. 19, 2011

There was an update yesterday so don't forget to check that out too!

The Master Assassin is totally nuts, there's no doubt about that. And yet his theory is 100% spot on… he, and everyone in Magellan are, after all, a characters in a story. However, his chances of ever getting the upper hand over his creator (ie… me!) are little to none. He surmises that the creator makes his life miserable and he's right because that's the way I've written him. But being aware of the fourth wall has effectively driven him insane because there's nothing he can do to escape it. MWAHAHAAA! Ain't I evil? Anyway, he has effectively debuted in the pages of Crossoverkill - I have had him in mind for a loooong time and once Al suggested using the Character Assassins as part of the Magellan sequence in CROSSOVERKILL I decided that the Master Assassin had to be a part of that process too. Also in today's update a small hint as to what happened to the reality that Syko Suki hales from.

There's another update tomorrow as Energize, Mindmistress, Hoodoo and the rest of Force Magellan drop in to ruin the party. See you then!

Apologies for the down time folks. It's thrown our update schedule out of whack but providing DD stays online we plan to have the next page up tomorrow and Monday thru Friday next week. Please make sure you check out any of the previous pages you may have missed!