Chapter 3, Page 12

alschroeder on Aug. 4, 2011

We've seen the Sharpener in more depth in Majestic Knight's comic—a spooky, weapons-obsessed girl–and we can see why the Lady warned against interfering with her.. (Ben asked me if I would consider her autistic. Two of my three sons were non-verbal autistic, so it's a possiblity…I see some similarities–but “autistic” has become such an elastic term these days, it's hard to say.)
We hope you all enjoyed this little sidefight. Majestic Knight is the last hero to join the group, and Perfect had been hiding among the Doppelganger Gang, so both of them deserved a little spotlight here.  Red Death did a FANTASTIC job on the art, I thought.
Next? So, is Perfect insecure about ANYTHING? A rather surprising answer next time.