Chapter 3, Page 14

alschroeder on Aug. 16, 2011

Hey, xmung here! Today's page is by me. We start a section of our story where our characters get to know each other a bit better and settle into the surrounds of the Knight's bunker. And where better to do that than around the Round Table? Of all the characters Yuuki has been on this caper the longest, at least two weeks have passed for her so she's clearly keen to get on with the job… no corn for her! With the artwork I actually borrowed several leads from Al - he's doing the next page and actually finished well ahead of me. For starters the way the Knight has his visor up. Also I quite liked the look of the table, the room and especially the tapestries and figured it would be good to follow that for the sake of consistency. I'm quite happy with how it turned out - so a tip of the hat to Al! Make sure you check back in on Thursday for the next page.