INTERLUDE: Frostbitten Origin, Page 1

alschroeder on Oct. 24, 2011

First off, Neil didn't update the page that should have appeared Thursday until SUNDAY, so make sure you click on the “Previous” button if you didn't see Neil's second page.
This is the origin of Professor Cyril Frost, the Doppelganger Gang's scientific genius—and a thousand pounds of polar bear claws and sinew. I wanted the Doppelganger Gang to be representative of webcomics as a whole, and just like Chant represents the fantasy adventure webcomic, Frostbitten represents the anthromorphic animal strip.
In fact, with Bill Holbrook's kind permission, he hails from the world of Domain, from one of the best such webcomics, KEVIN AND KELL, as shown by the mention of Herd-Thinner Inc. I didn't try to imitate Woolbrook's style–I would fail miserably.
How he got inducted into the Doppelganger Gang, and what he brings to THEM, will be shown in the next three daily updates. Then the cover of the next chapter, done by the Red Death, will be shown Friday.
Next page tomorrow!—Al