Chapter 4, Page 7

alschroeder on Nov. 29, 2011

I spent way too much time on MM's hair in that first panel. ^_^;; What can I say? I LOVE HER HAIR. Oh, and look! Nudity! I think Yuuki looks really cute in the second panel looking all embarrassed. Hoodoo was fun to draw with her hair exposed. Look at that sexy wet hair! Look at it!

Kittyhawk ^_^

Another outstanding page by Kittyhawk - I fully anticipate us getting an entry on TV Tropes for this page, somebody please?  As for the source of Yuuki's embarrassment, if you don't know or understand the nature of it you clearly haven't read Kittyhawk's fantastic SGVY and need to do so immediately!  Many, many thanks to Kittyhawk for drawing the last three pages. :D

Kittyhawk had pretty much free reign to do whatever she wanted on these pages.  We knew they'd be good.  I did make one small request though.  I slipped her a single panel of the shower scene in Adam Warren's Gen 13 Bootleg: “Grunge The Movie,” and I said, “Do it like this.”  That was the only piece of direction I ever gave her.