Chapter 2, Page 2

Neilsama on July 28, 2008

I love awesome victory poses! Obviously, I was drawing upon my Adam Warren fanboy love for that one.

And speaking of which, Dasien's face in panel seven is the most Adam-Warren-iest faces I've drawn in a long time! I love giving Das mischievous facial expressions. C'mon, Mr. Floaty Head! Get to the point!

As a gatherer character, this “Ringo” is far less omniscient and omnipotent as you might expect. In fact, we decided early on that he'd be rather goofy and awkward, often over-explaining things and nattering on about this and that. He doesn't even seem to realize that Dead Debbie had wandered off until it came time for role call. Giving him silly facial expressions was one of the joys of doing this page.

And while not actually a story point, when I'm on art duty, you might see Io mingling with the other characters a bit, specifically with Mindmistress. Perhaps she's thinking of pegging Double-M for some of the secrets of cross-dimensional travel. …Or maybe it's a refreshing change from hanging out with Lisa all the time!