Multi-Artist eXchange

Hawk on Sept. 13, 2011

Now, you're probably wondering by now, “How does Hawk get all of that gorgeous fan art?”  It's easy!  I TRADE!  Thanks to the Multi-Artist eXchange, you don't even need fans to get fun, personalized art of your original characters.
MAX works a lot like a Secret Santa exchange.  You make art for somebody and somebody makes art for you.  At the end of the round, all the art goes up on display.  Rounds happen twice a month, so you're never far away from a new round starting.  I have gotten so many dazzling and incredible pictures over the years that it was a struggle to even narrow it down to these pictures.  And there are dozens more that I wanted to show.
To take part in MAX, this is all you need:
1. Your own original character or characters
2. A place to see reference artwork of those characters.  Your comic, bio pages, or deviantArt for example.
3. Enough time to make a piece of artwork in two weeks.
If this sounds like something you might want to try, just follow this link to MAX for more information.  Give it a shot!  They love new artists there.  And you'll eventually get art from me if you stick to it.  I participate in every round.