Chapter 10 Prolog -6: A Normal Flock of Normal People Acting Normally

Evil Emperor Nick on June 30, 2010

FYI we're back to a full page Preview on TWC. It is the first of the month so it would really help out CQ if you could vote for the comic. Just click the TWC button below my comments.

Also some of you may note this squad of NORMAL people might seem familiar to you.

From left to right we've got
Alyss from Earthsong saga
Mink of Darken
Jenka and her bear Füst Girl Genius
Tempts Fate from Goblins
And…..a…blond girl….from….something? O_o -Hmmmmmmmm….

All character used with permission from their respective creators and owners.

Anyway all these character are really great characters from highly enjoyable comics so I highly advise you go check them out. Also kudos to these creators for giving me permission to use their characters like this, I hope do the characters justice here in Cwen's Quest.

Additionally the guard here is Cyan Winter's from my long time friend NeilaK20 and her first completed comic Soapbox Hill. Incidentally I should mention I wish the series she is working on now was out because I would have loved to have cameoed one of her new characters ‘cause I’ve read her script and it is good stuff even better then SBH where she got out some of her learning mistakes. Except a hearty endorsement from me when she finally decides what she is going to do with it. You can check out some of the stuff she is doing lately on her DA site.