Chapter 13 Page 10 - Vampire Visitations

Evil Emperor Nick on April 11, 2012

I'm super excite to see a lot of my favorite PC series from the 80's and 90's getting new life on kick starter. Both Shadowrun and Wasteland (Basically fall out Zero) are have reached their funding goals on kick start and will be moving forward to develop new PC games for 2013. I've long been a critic of the trend in gaming of giving a lot of A/B moral choices so I'm very happy to see some series with complexity, moral gray and no easy answers getting new life. I'm so happy to see these getting funding directly from the fans and in turn being developed for those fans rather than trying to turn these franchises into yet another FPS series in an attempt to appeal to mass market. There is nothing wrong with games made for the mass market, but I'm glad to see there is still a place for games directed at smaller but loyal fan bases of other genres.
Check out the pitchs on kickstarter they are actually pretty funny: