mjm on May 13, 2007

Well I am back with another page yay!! I mad the love interest a very big ass.. he is one of those guys that likes to say what is on his mind with out knowing it is hurting someone else.. uh assholes of the world this is for you. But anyway yah I did alot of re writing sorry eden.. I just thought it would be cooler this way don't hurt me.. cries. So one and all tell me what you think.. I think this comic maybe saved. cause it was really really hard to save it. It is not one of my better work but I think it will pass the test for a little while just until I finish a few more pages of N/A oh yes it will be done I swear it.. Then I can post some of that. I like to color with pens I get bored with just black and white stuff sometimes. You will see that I color somethings and not other. It will look cooler in the next page. Which I have to add stuff to.. oh the joy so I am going to stop with my blah blahs and get back to work. Much love.