Annhialator on Oct. 18, 2006

Hellooooooooo hello hello.

Greetings ladies and Gentlemen I'm back alive and kickin.

Now I do know that only a few of you remember who I was and what I did here before in Drunk Duck and if you just happened to click on the
link knowing that … Thank you for remembering me :).

Now I do know that you guys deserve an explanation.

My last update I was going to begin the first chapter of this epic story it was at the same time I moved from my Country to Vancouver,Canada (let's just say it was half_world trip) to continue my education.

Now there i was living alone at the other side of the world meaning it took a lot of my time to adjust…ding! next on to my education!

So I thought hey It's just like a normal school, study on the weekdays come back home and chill and i'll have the spare time to work on the comic during the weekends…boy was I ever wrong.

I joined in a one year cramped program that required a lot of my time and dedication, meaning even on the weekends i had to study and practice at school on my projects leaving me completely drained and exhausted to enjoy my spare time…so I thought hey there are some people who are enjoying my stuff I think they deserve a decent update.

Then came the day that Drunk Duck crashed Dun dun DUN!!! No backups!!!!!!!!
all those words of wisdom and support that we shared to each other GONE! in a mere moment.

While i was piled in my studies and leading literally a hermit's lifestyle with my classmates I had to make the hard decision of not coming back to drunk duck :(

Because well I got my studies to attend to and barely had the time for a social life outside the school and barely had any contact with my friends and family..yeah I still don't know much about Vancouver as i did in my first month here that's how bad it was.

So now Finally My education is done I submitted my final work last week and currently am looking for a job. But after an entire year of hard work I still felt that small hole inside of me… the urge to tell a story never died in me and that I haven't completed my old one yet.

So here I am, back again a story teller who has returned to continue his tale of two young adults who are about to embark on a great journey, but for those who are new to this comic and for those who are familiar I'll repost my old pages (probably insert new ones in between).

Hopefully you guys will enjoy the show :)