Major Change

Annhialator on Nov. 29, 2007

Hello ladies and Gents.

Well after much consideration this comic will be in a major long hiatus probably indefinite.

Why do you ask?
Well the script was written and drawn for around 2-3 years so my art style has changed (as you have realized if you browse through my archive especially with this image) and so did my taste or probably I have distanced myself too long from it now I can't reattach to it or maybe it's both.

However I don't want to completely dump this project since it has many potentials but I can't live up to its expectations with my current situation and it will be definitely completely revamped, even the characters' design (even the title I mean sheesh it doesn't sound catchy does it?).

The good news is I still love to tell stories so I'm thinking of starting a new comic with short stories instead of a long epic that I planned for this one. it will give me less pressure and more room for me to experiment with my art and storytelling.

For that I deeply apologize to the people who have followed me through these times and I hope I'll make it up to you somehow in the future.

Thank you very much and till we meet again :)

ps: I'll do one more update to give you guys the link to my latest comic