The Unraveling - Chapter 2

shirtgoth on April 16, 2009

At long last, another chapter begins.
I've had this cover painted for months, I finally assembled it with text just this morning.
I'm going to quote the venerable Douglas Adams on this one: “I like deadlines. I love the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.”

I have been focusing my art efforts on Thread of Valor* at the moment, but now that round 2 is submitted, I have a little bit of breathing room. Yes, I know the sequential pages are next, but those need only wireframes, until the script is set. Only then does the real work begin.
Anyway. I'm not going to project when I'll get the next page ready - if I make a prediction, it'll surely be three times that long. So - I promise only that the story will continue, and I will update as soon as I'm able.
See you next time.

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