Monday. July 26, 2021

artdude2002 on July 26, 2021

Happy Monday, everybody. Things are going to be different around here. I retired on Tuesday, July 20 after 48 years with my employer. Yep. I’m that old. To celebrate, I drew a cartoon of me, my wife, and several of my friends and colleagues. I’m the guy in the red Hawaiian shirt. Kathy is next to me, holding our cat, Lucky. This cartoon is the “personal project” I mentioned a few weeks ago. It was quite an undertaking but a labor of love, nonetheless. If you want to see the whole picture, here is the link to the gallery on the Danielle Dark website.

I’m still adjusting to retirement but I’m planning on returning to a weekly update schedule. Another thing that is happening is I have migrated from Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to Affinity Designer and Photo. This is also a good time to try to freshen up the look of the comic. Now I’ll have more time to spend on the comic and I hope to improve the look and feel.

I’m very excited to have reached this point in my life and I want to thank each and everyone of my readers for your interest the comic. You have made drawing Danielle Dark a lot of fun and I really appreciate your comments. I’m looking forward to continuing Danielle’s story for many years to come. I hope you continue with me.

Many, many thanks for coming along for the ride. Let’s continue down the road, shall we?