JCorrachComics on April 7, 2023

A message from Nomad: “It's been a journey and a half, but we're finally done! Becca's Awful, Horrible, No Good Night is finally over…and she learned something very important about herself and the world around her!

That said, we've been considering people's amazing engagement with the story and decided to open the floor to you kind readers for questions. For the next 2 weeks, I'll be away visiting family. In that time, we'd love to clear up any confusion with the story (pantomime is hard yall, and unfortunately some shots had to be cut for brevity), or just answer any questions you have about the characters! The 21st will be the cutoff for questions, and we'll be posting the answer part of the Q&A on the 28th. Love to hear from you guys! Thanks for diving into this story with us.”