Dark Circuits 13: Sh'zm

Dockworker on March 12, 2008


…or don't, whatever.

ok, so I havn't updated anything in a while, but there is a good reason (and it's not artist block, school, work, or shear laziness this time). There's a new website we've built to host The Denim Avenger, and every other comic Idea we come up with http://crashnklein.com/.
In the next couple of weeks we'll be getting all of the pages in order, and debuting some new comics, (Jesse and I have been working on one you just gotta see). We'd really appreciate it if some of you guys dropped by, said something in the forums, gave some suggestions, whatever.


Ok, now onto the page above. well, I'd say it's about time to end this fight don't you? sorry for another scribbly page after such a long wait, I'm time strapped as usual. on a sunny note, I did this one on my new tablet pc!!