Page 19

Gamer2002 on July 18, 2011

Drunk Duck returned so am I.
This is last page of first issue. I originally planned to do 3 more pages, but my plans changed. I realized that Dark Reing is an old news, so there is no point in making fun of it. So I picked something else in my usual brilliance.
I'm not going to create new comics on DD, SonicPoint will be here. 
So, where is this comics heading? Lol I dunno.
Other stuff. When I was fixing my comments I realized I said something about Anti-Editor thing. In case I didn't said it already: I dropped the idea long time ago.
MUCH more important stuff. Me and God of War participated in Japan Needs Heroes. GO for more info here:

Oh, and about not my characters stuff, I will cover it when I upload next page cause I'm lazy bum.