Announcement - Supervillainverse Finale!

MageeJabberwock on Aug. 11, 2019

Do you remember when I announced the Daryl and Denise novelisation? Well, that novelisation is part of a wider universe, The Supervillainverse:

The Supervillainverse is a comic-book world gone wrong, filled with mutants, monsters, machines and mad scientists. There lives characters like the Evil Dr. Meow, a mad scientist who mutated herself into an anthropomorphic cat, The Slithering Super Snakes, a quartet of vicious monsters angry at criminals and their own existence, The Reptilian, a bounty hunter who wants to know what and who he is, and Bug-Eyes, an intergalactic criminal with robotic eyes that induce illusions.

This universe has just had its final chapter published, and Daryl and Denise appear in the first part of the finale, as well as other stories. A list of all the stories on the blog they appear in can be found at:

Happy reading!