The Origin of Dasien

Neilsama on Dec. 31, 2005

I'm sure you guys will forgive me if I throttle my updates as I post my old pages.

This page is not part of the first chapter. Originally, it wasn't even to be part of the story. After a while, though, I figured I owed it to the readers to explain some things.

I have a very large book celebrating the first sixty years of DC Comics. On the inside covers are very brief origin stories of both Batman and Superman, drawn by the original artists. Since I don't find origin stories very interesting, I thought that'd be a good way to do the Dasien origin story.

One thing I tried to do differently from other superhero comics was that I refused to fall back on the typical staples of mutation and exposure to radiation to explain powers. I never liked those. I selected virus vectors, however, because it's real science.