Dave the Punk Rock Cat's Big Adventure: Page 31

KnaveMurdok on Jan. 29, 2011

So this is the end of the story huh?
No, not actually, spoiler alert, this is a false ending. I promise I won't write as many as there were in Return of the King, or DO I?
I am currently rushing to get this book finished, Alternative Press is looming, fearsome, like a giant whale. i am pleased, because I have a place to stay up in SF, which eliminated the tiresome commute from MV to SF, then back to MV to SF, then back to MV… instead I'll be going from SF to MV… and then when the con is all over… back to MV. Don't you see? It all makes so much sense! so much sense it must make… nooo seeennsssee!
Yeah, I dunno, I don't feel like I have tons to say today. I've started back at school this week and am multi-occupied, and on top of that, people are disappearing… mysteriously! Only to be replaced with other people, people who are REALLY ANNOYING! It's put me in kind of a lonely place, which seems to make sense, with the onset of autumn, and soon after it winter, the most depressing half of the year. I don't have anything to particularly be depressed about, I know this, but as the grey skies start to settle in, the temperature drops, the rain, it affects me ina terrible way, makes me realize just how big and lonely the world can be. The only distraction is my birthday and the holidays. However, while my birthday is often awesome, it only lasts a day, and the rest of the holidays can have their trade-offs. A.P.E. is really the only thing I'm really looking forward to, and that is gonna be a scheduling nightmare, I can tell, ugh!
Bah… Autumn!