Page 1: The grand opening.

Jakob on Jan. 7, 2006

Well, here is my third try on a web-comic (I have earlier done 7K and Seek), and this one is partly based on the Swedish tales of Death or “the Grim Reaper”. They say that when your time has come, Death comes and plays a game of chess with you. If you win, you get to live a bit longer. If you lose, he takes your soul to the Underworld. Since he is a master he rarely loses. If you want to know more about these tales I recommend the old Swedish movie “Det sjunde inseglet”. If you know Swedish, that is.
As far as comics go, I like Judge Dredd (especially the stories featuring Judge Death) and Cromartie High School the most. But I must say I prefer real books, since I have a bad habit of getting to inspired when I read comics and copy to much. My favourite writers are Goethe (who wrote Faust) and Dante (The heavenly comedy), who lived for a long time ago but who's works are still excellent. I also like to watch movies (anything by Tim Burton, especially) and play games (chess, Go, Tami).
Well, that's all about me, I think. I will post a new page next friday. I hope that someone will like this comic, even an little bit…
See ya!