Chapter 2 Page 9

Akurribal on April 8, 2008

Hey people! Sorry for the two week of nadda but I didn't like the way I was writing the nmext couple of pages so I chucked them and started over. Also been working on other things which have been floating around my head. I also got a DS and several Zelda and FF games… Ifrit keeps kicking my ass…so I've been enjoying that rather than drawing. Also last week went without me having internet (family vacation) but hopefully I'm back on track for Chapter 2.

Ok just to let you know because I doubt I can explain this well in the comic. Maijin is wearing a sort of mask, he's disguised himself as the person he's possessing, which is a trick he hasn't quiet mastered yet since his left arm is still massive andf he has horns. The bandaged chick is the ‘Tormented Soul’ more on her next week. :)