806 Beta

JillyFoo on Feb. 14, 2020

My computers are getting so old uploading comics have been getting glichy on this site. SJ is gone. All that's left really is here and the Duck (and nooo body that moved from SJ talked about the Duck. That bugs me ya know?) Demon Eater is too violent and has too much Alpha for webtoons and tapas. I'm feeling like the 2nd gen webcomics are falling out. Will there still be a place for this content…

This page was ment to be attached to last page as one whole page but due to life I really had to slow things down. Next page is a major background drawing….I will see what I put out depending on how

On another note. I am working with another creator on getting some selected comics to St. Cloud Zines on Feb 22nd. There is a possibility of showcasing at Chicago Zine Fest in May but it's a long shot.