Intro- pg.1

Empty Brooke on May 31, 2007

I've finally started to put it up!!!!!!

Anyways, hello. My name is Brooke. But my friends call me E.B.
I'm 15 as of two weeks ago and decided to put this up to celebrate… kind of… I celebrate my birthday 2 weeks later.

Moving on, the reason as to why I created this comic is quite simple really. The population of redundant, big-breasted, female characters that only appear every once and a while for the pleasure of the main characters is becoming grossly enormous. I'm disgusted with how many of these I see.
Just because women look so ‘nice’ to guys doesn't mean that they can appear only as side-characters in a comic with a male main character. It's unjustified.

So I created Demonics to show that girls could KICK ASS!!
… Actually… the characters I only developed quickly at a friend's house. They're sort of like different version of myself and 2 other girls… But awesomer!!

I'll try to update every Friday. Maybe sooner if I get bored or finish the comic early.