Air of Mystery (Part 1)

DetectiveFork on Sept. 22, 2020

It's been 13 YEARS since I last drew a Detective Fork comic. Since I last drew much of anything at all. A lot of people have asked me when he'll come back. As weird a concept as a talking, crime-solving piece of cutlery might be, there's an air of originality there that I think is less prevalent in some of my other comic strip efforts (particularly using photos). I'm not going to pretend this is the best Detective Fork comic I've ever drawn. I'm out of practice, the art supplies aren't optimal, and the end product is a little rough. But it came back to me a lot better and faster than I expected, and it was pure joy creating it. That's what I really missed, even if I didn't know I missed it - the tactile satisfaction of drawing and inking a comic by hand. I'd like to think I'll add hand-drawn comics back to my life, maybe once a month or so. We'll see. But as Detective Fork goes, he's been with me most of my life. Good to see you again, old pal.