The end!

Aurora Borealis on Sept. 23, 2009

THIS IS IT! Finally the long wait is over and Din Krakatau is in print!

Now, the naming might be a little confusing, but while I was working on Din Krakatau, it became a part of a larger world, thus I added “Amen City Chronicles” to the title to tie all of these together.

You may view this comic as a version 0.9, as it will be redone in b&w somewhere in the future and followed with other stories, but that time is not upon us yet.

Now, if you enjoyed reading this online (and I know some have) and would like this on paper, head straight to Indyplanet to order your copy. It'll help me tremendously, as my ability to do further comics will depend on whether I can make money or them or not (and certain family members will piss off).

If you're not interested in the print edition, well, thanks for reading this at least and if you could recommend it to someone, that would be nice too. :D