-Filler mini-

Dark_Bullet on March 12, 2009

errr well D8 this actually used to be page 21… but i only had the top face drawn. uhm so… once again. D8 i'm restarting DWR. =< but this time i have help from a pro, and if you want to see what i'm up to, check the rough draft comic i have on here. i have 4 concept pages done and they'll probably be fleshed out and already add up to over 15 pages. x3 as for this mini,
Tenka isn't really a pervert, i was just caffienated at an early time with no sleep and. well, being an insomniac xD
anywho, hope you like this as a filler in for not having updated in a freakin year D8 sad but true.