Page 21, vol. I : The Sould Seekers

Melissaviolet on Jan. 16, 2009

I am back in the saddle. Always wait but worth the wait is my motto. New Years Resolution number one: update often! So, here goes. Actually I was pulled away for a time for a project, that is supposed to be well paying, as it turns out, it did not work out as well as planned and I found myself growing more unhappy with the prospect of working full time as a graphic designer without time to devote to my true love:comics. I actually became more depressed then I have been in a long long time, and forced me to re-examine a lot of things. 1. Money is not that important to me (though I knew this, I realized to what extend) satisfaction and security of mind are from where I am at the moment, 2. expression is life or death, if I am not free to express who I am I may as well be dead, and finally, 3. I don't give a damn what happens if I am pursuing what I love passionately and living my life the way I want that is all the payoff I need. And goddammit I want to make comics. So keep reading, I promise I am not going anywhere. Signing off, M.V.