Adventures in Idiotic Living Part 1

Nick on June 28, 2007

Writer/Creator Commentary:

So I bought myself a new condensor mic by Marshall Electronics (JT from Gigcast has one), a new Alesis 12 track USB mixer, a luxo Mic Arm & pop filter. And my troubles reward me in… nothing.

It took us literally…. 4 hours to get sound. It didn't help that the day before I worked a 10 hour day, so my half-day from work, the other half consisted of my small 1 hour nap going for about 6 hours. Despite doing some research on the Alesis mixer, I didn't do a good enough set of research, as the USB based Alesis IS plug and play for my iMac, but I use Garage Band for all my neat little things. Garageband, apparently and Alesis, are like Nazis and Jews. They just ain't gonna get along. Now, at least, as far as I am looking at it, that is.

This is also the first entry into the whole “D4K Presents” field. D4K Presents never did get off the ground. As an artist, I HATE when people push me into something, despite myself signing up for it, and then again, being I am in charge of the little project, I just need to kick-ass and take some names. Need to set-up a system. Alas, I may be posting more “Adventures in Idiotic Living” as the purpose suits me… but until then… prolly not.

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