Niccea on Jan. 22, 2018

Quite frankly, the credits page doesn't do justice to all the work Banes did.

There were way to many real life things that got in my way for this cycle. I think I might have tried to get some extra help but I didn't try hard enough or ask in the right places. Banes emailed me as well as a lot of other Duckers to get the awards back on track. I ended up sending him my huge spreadsheet I keep every year to keep up with the awards, all the presentations that I had received, and wished him the best of luck.

Though the winners we announced a few months late, Banes took a half completed awards and wrapped it up pretty well.

I can't promise the next cycle will be easy, but most of the problems that kept me away have been solved. I look forward to planning the next batch of awards.

One thing I would like to bring up in relation to all of this. When I first took over the awards, I matched up with the schedule that amanda and JustNoPoint were following in the previous years. This worked out well for me then because I was still in college and working part time. The next few years, the busy time for my job wasn't until after awards season, so I didn't feel much of a burn. During the last awards, my work schedule changed and my busy season got moved up a couple of months. I was also working until midnight for a month and driving an hour both ways. That caused a couple of hiccups last year.

I don't know when the busy season will be with my new job, but since this awards was a bit late, is there any opinion to the schedule. Right now the general schedule is this:

March or April - Start discussing the awards
May - I create the comic and start accepting extras
June - Awards Design contest
July - Voting
August thru September - Judges and Presenters do their thing.
October - Awards announced

Recently I've had a couple of users express concerns that during the late summer they don't have the time to participate. So I would really like to hear what everyone has to say about how the schedule has been working. The only thing I want is that I would like for the awards to be wrapped up before November/December.

Ok. If you made it to the bottom, thanks for reading my ramblings and supporting the Drunk Duck Awards.