Drunk Duck High- cover page

Empty Brooke on Sept. 14, 2007

Sry I couldn't make this page any smaller. I usually upload a page into my Deviantart account first and configure the size in the edit panel but it won't worked today. For some odd reason, every time I save the new page into my pictures it comes out blank. I'm not sure how to fix it right now. I'll try it again later.

The cover page for the upcoming comic, Drunk Duck High, I should have the first (chapter page)soon and the next page up by the day after.
This comic will, typically, be updated every saturday or so.
Maybe earlier if I can manage it.
And yeah, these are the orriginal sketches I did when doing the characters. I just re-did them for the chapter title. I had to move Genie Man down so that I could fit in the title.

Characters used:

(page on top right)
Eredicus P. Nostradamus- reidavidson http://user.drunkduck.com/reidavidson/
Rekki Lune- Darth Mongoose http://user.drunkduck.com/Darth%20Mongoose/
Lalia- cravingcontrol http://user.drunkduck.com/cravingcontrol/
Johnny- mfc http://user.drunkduck.com/mfc/
Puff- Puff http://user.drunkduck.com/Puff/
Andrew- Puff http://user.drunkduck.com/Puff/
Aaron- Puff http://user.drunkduck.com/Puff/

(page on top left)
Lancaster- poinko http://user.drunkduck.com/poinko/
Ru- Whirlwynd http://user.drunkduck.com/Whirlwynd/
Hikari- kingv http://user.drunkduck.com/kingv/

(page in middle)
Cheeko- Cheeko http://user.drunkduck.com/Cheeko/
Pancakes- Bocaj http://user.drunkduck.com/Bocaj/
Charby- Amelius http://user.drunkduck.com/Amelius/
Aisha- silentkitty http://user.drunkduck.com/silentkitty/
Angn- hpcomic http://user.drunkduck.com/hpkomic/
O. Mendez- myself

(page on bottom)
Genie Man- Lsnewton http://user.drunkduck.com/Lsnewton/