Dude in Distress Teaser #1

EssayBee on Dec. 11, 2014

Here's the first teaser for Dude in Distress.
I'm aiming for a March 2015 launch, but look for more teasers here in the coming weeks.

For those wondering what it'll be about, here's my submitted summary:

So you wanna date a superhero? I have news for you . . . It's not all romantic flights through the night sky and wild romps in the bedroom–there's also lots of falling, danger, and peril.

JOIN normal human Clark Peters as he begins his relationship with the world-famous superhero Femme Fantastic!

WITNESS the dangers facing a normal guy from supervillains, other superheroes, and his friends as Clark experiences all the trappings (both literal and figurative) that come with dating a superhero!

EXPERIENCE what it's like to be a Dude in Distress!