Chapter 1-1 "Reporting in!"

Rich on Nov. 27, 2009

Against my better judgement, I'm redoing the pages of my old comic. Really I'd prefer to just draw something new, but these days I don't really have the kind of motivation or time I used to.

I'd not expect frequent updates. Maybe once every week or so. I'm really busy trying to get into shape and transition (should be on hormones by December 10th/11th), and it's admittedly taking more of my time than it should. You'd be surprised how many hoops and formalities you have to go through to get estrogen tablets. I quite expected it'd be as simple as getting a blood test to make sure the hormones wouldn't fry my kidneys or liver, but no. Full physical, blood test, need to check my old immunization records, need proof of income (the cost is on a sliding scale), and before all that I needed to undergo 9 months of therapy. Certainly has taken a while.

Hopefully after New Year's, I'll be able to draw things more frequently, but I'd not hold my breath on that.