Jennerwein (4 of 4)

Abt_Nihil on July 14, 2010

Page 4 of a 4-pager for this year's “JAZAM!” comic anthology.

In reality, Jennerwein was shot, and his body was later found mutilated in the forest. No one knows who shot him - and that's a great source for a mythos.

And this is my personal take on the myth.

What I am insinuating here is just an interpretation I myself found to make sense, but of course I'm not trying to go for historical accuracy: He was shot by a more or less ordinary man because he was a nuisance to everday life - in my opinion, the government conspiracy angle is just way too obvious, and hey, we all know politicians are bad, eh? :P So, time for a more interesting interpretation.

Thanks for reading and commenting!


DAJB: Thank you very much, I'm glad you did.

JNP: B-but… he's an honest murderer!! Um… yeah, you're right ^_^