Meet The Brenda

Ludivine on Jan. 15, 2009

There are periods in one's life when one believes they should have said something different to another hypothetical person that was what we would refer to as an ‘asshole’. Less than a month ago I made a new year's resolution to be meaner to people who deserve it. In this sense I wanted to regain my snarky insult testicles. Since I'm mostly nerd and less bar-faring biker, I'm making this webcomic as an outlet for my insult sperm. My purpose for Emo Bitch is to have you gain knowledge of these balls without actually having to show them to you.

With this knowledge and my first comic, I am, as they say, “coming.”

EDIT: O boy O boy! Colors! Not very many of them, though. The building is very pink right now.

EDIT2: Oboy, I forgot to color her pants. No biggie. They are blue, now, and a little green. MMm… I shall have to branch out color-wise in the future.