Energize: Black - Page 12

Nepath on Oct. 10, 2017

So I have been a little slack on the updates but I haven't gone away. I have been working on some pages which I will tell you about now.

In this latest page, just before we cut away to Beth, a certain Dasien has come to Falcon City to check out this new Energize.

Das was pretty close to the original Energize, as you would know if you have been reading the latest pages of her comic. So she will be keen to know what is going on with this new guy.

And this is where the behind the scenes pages come in. If you want to know exactly how that conversation goes down, I have given the pages to Neilsama and they will be made available EXCLUSIVELY to the Dasien website.

I don't know exactly when he plans to put them up (and he is waiting on one more page from me to finish off the set), but I will let you know when they do go on.

Until then, keep checking out DASIEN.COM for the pages, and to read his latest chapter which deals heavily with the relationship between Energize and Michelle.

Thanks for reading and commenting!