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TenorAnathema on July 1, 2015

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So what's going on? Well I decided to just post Entanglement on multiple sites! It's a part of a means to try to get the comic out to a wider audience for people to enjoy. Since July 2nd is the 6 month anniversary, I decided that for the whole month of July that to the multiple other sites I am starting to put Entanglement up on it will update once a day to get all the websites caught up!
Of course, all websites save for the main site will be 1 week behind. If you want to be kept up to date, the main website will be where you want to go. ;) And just for $1 to back me on Patreon a month, you can get the comic a week in advance each week! So please, consider supporting me and spreading the word! I'm super proud of myself being able to go about this! ^-^
I'll be updating all the sites linked above to get things rolling, so some links might not work right away but that's okay it will hopefully before the end of the day. Lots of work I have to do! :heart: