The Legend of Legendia - Part 1

Xiam on March 31, 2009

And thus our story begins. Or ends. Whatever.

I've got to admit outright, I'm really only doing this satire/parody/homage to cover for the fact that I really really want to do an all-out High Fantasy, and can think of nothing but cliches. So, I decided to lampoon those very cliches.

I will be doing my best to add in bits from novels, films, and games alike. Though I might have a bit more of a grip on the game part of it, as I'm a fan of RPGs. But I choose not to have any bias toward or against any format. As such, nothing is sacred.

…Except Tolkien. But really, Lord of the Rings been butchered so far by other people's hack work that nobody will no the difference if I'm mocking him or the derivative works.

At any rate, I'll be doing my best to update Wednesdays, as I still have a whole other series to work on. I hope you folks enjoy it, though. I promise, it'll get funnier.

…I hope.