Discarded Art: The Other

EssayBee on March 9, 2021

As some filler material before Issue #17 starts (no set date yet, but likely late April, early May), here's a look at some pencils I did for an abandoned look at the Other our heroes escaped from in Issue #17. I had originally thought that at some point after getting far away from the Other, Fusion would either look back or Wandering Whistler would warn everyone not to look behind them, and there'd be a reverse shot looking behind the heroes at the space behind them completely filled by this inky, multi-eyed, multi-tentacled, multi-mouthed thing stretching as far as the eye could see. As the story progressed, the scene just had no place and I liked the idea of not ever explicitly showing the Other (even though, as planned, the idea for coloring would leave most of it black with only vague highlights and glowing eyes giving a suggestion of the penciled shapes). The coloring concept still intrigues me, so I may put together a finished image of this in the coming weeks.