Species; Veb

Roar Comics on Dec. 19, 2011

the Veb are the dominant species of planet Veb 6.
Veb 6 is the only inhabited planet in the Veb system.
Veb 6's moon, Valacon, and the twin moons of the neighboring planet of Veb 5: Valx and Malkethi, have all been terraformed, but, only Valacon and Malkethi are inhabitable to Vebs without extensive life support gear.
share a common ancestry with reptiles and serpents. Though they are
able to grow an approximation of hair, they are not mammals. Their skins
are generally within the yellow to brown spectrum, and they grow horns
from their heads. The older the Veb, the more horns he or she has grown.
they possess 4 eyes on their faces, two above two. The “whites” of
those eyes are various shades of blue, depending on age. The older the
Veb, the darker the blue in the eyes. The irises of a Veb's eyes
generally run across the red/orange spectrum.
Veb is the
neighboring star system to Kargus, and, for some reason, Vebs and
Thribians are mistrustful of one another, though their people have had
extremely limited contact.
This is easily apparent by the somewhat strained relationship between M'Rodd Vurk and Zildrohar of Evil Empire…. a Veb and a Thribian, respectively.
The females of Veb 6 tend to go bald as a sign of femininity.
tend to find mammalian based lifeforms unattractive due to their lack
of scales and single set of two eyes. Vebs also find legs and mammaries
somewhat visually distasteful.
Vebs have two tongues, one larger,
upper tongue, for speech and actual tasting of foods and such, and one
smaller, lower tongue which is used to ‘taste’ particles in the air,
which translates to their brains as scent, as they have no noses, and
breathe through tiny nasal-like glands between the scales on their heads
and necks.