Update #2

kalamitycomics on Jan. 28, 2018

Okay folks more updates. Works is still very very crazy, but I have some good news.

1. 26 Studio is still doing well. We weren't able to hit the November deadline but we might have it out by late February or early March.

2. We are also collaborating on a Top Secret super cool project that when I can tell you the details I will.

3. We are bringing on a different colorist. While I absolutely adore Patricia's colors I want a bit of a different tone. So Patricia will be staying on inks (and will be doing colors on future projects) and Sebastian who is a fantastic artist and colorist will be coming on for colors.

4. EHV has a new editor Tee! She's a super talented writer and editor and should help me fix any grammatical and structural problems I might miss.

5. Speaking as such I was going through the Chapter 2 pages and there are a LOT of issues. So while I plan on sharing the rest of Patricia's colors eventually I'm going to use the next bunch of updates to correct the errors.