#14 Dunder Mifflen Infinity=World of warcraft for 30 year olds and women.

Damdeen on Sept. 29, 2007

I just got hooked to another PC timewaster that will allow me never to touch my PS3 till 2010.Dunder Mifflen Infinity is a “virtual version of the office” and I just got accepted to the Bakersfeild Branch (but the guy from penny arcade is running spokane WA branch soooo…). There isn't much to say about it right now because I'm new to it but it sounds like fun and it will give me an excsue to where my Pam costume.Heres the link if you want to do it to http://dundermifflininfinity.com/

Ohh yeah my friends that i told you about in an earlyer page well one only posted one page so far and the other though this was a story and said it made no sence and he could write a better comic then that ( coming from a guy which its taken him 2 weeks to make a comic page and he still dosen't have it on i really am not hurt by that comment) Well intill next time see ya gamers and readers!