Chapter 24 page 09

mlai on June 24, 2020

art by edbang, story by mlai, justnopoint and edbang

Happy Saint John the Baptist day All!

I've had this Clip Studio Paint program for a while and it's weird I'm only exploring it's capability now. So I just learned how to do masks. I had just watched a tutorial from my google feed that made sense to me: before I was just coloring over color, trying my best to not overlap colors. With masks that is just not a problem anymore!

The background I used mixed media. I inked it in pencil and used the water color to blend in the colors. As a post edit I added some white scratches using the pencil tool. I followed Mark Crilley for a while, and he always enjoyed mixing his media, so I was thinking of him when I did that. The foreground I used the stock g-pen and opaque water color.

The nice thing about masks is that you can section things out easier. I don't know if it makes things faster, but it definitely helps you stay more organized.

The ironic thing is I learned how to use masks in a time when we need to use masks. :)

The blue lady's hairdo changed a bit because I forgot I changed her hair. I've decided to use onenote to store all my reference photos, so now I can do a side by side with clipstudio on the left of my acreen and one note and my reference photos on the left. Hopefully things'll be more consistent now.

I like using onenote because it is searchable.

Not much to say about the story, the blue lady is just baby talking he dinosaur…. fun.

drawn on a yoga book Lenovo YB1-X91F, windows 10, v1903, Clip Studio Paint Pro