Page 01 - Flash Gordon

mlai on Aug. 23, 2008

This “comic” will detail the characters in the comics FIGHT and FIGHT_2.

As new important characters appear, this “comic” will be updated with new pages and biographies. Existing pages may also be updated as significant changes occur to existing characters. Also, if readers finally guess the identities of certain characters, the “???” will be replaced with actual true names and biographies.

Art by Mlai, cg colors by JustNoPoint.

Flash was originally chosen because we needed an all-American-hero character who'd fit in with the mixed sci-fi/fantasy theme. I also wanted someone whose name was instantly recognizable, but who was no longer in the mainstream consciousness. The reason we chose the worst incarnation of Flash was (1)because it was the worst incarnation, and (2)because his costume was actually pretty nice. I wanted a retro identity, not retro character design.