Vol. 2, Chapter 1 : Escape, page 9

Biev on June 27, 2009

Sunday June 28 2009

Page for sale! Color pencil over sandpaper, slightly smaller than letter size. This is what the original looks like, I didn't need to edit it at all. I'm asking 40 US$ for it, and payment is via paypal and shipping is included. If you want it, email me.

Thanks a lot to Colleen who purchased the previous page before I even had a chance to throw it out there.

I used a different technique for this page, I'm not sure if you can tell. I just worked with spots of color here and there rather than filling in a contour. It takes a lot longer, but I also like the results better. It's a bit more like painting, except that this is drawn over sandpaper which is a bit less forgiving than other media because there's only so much color you can pile up before it won't take any more. Anyway, I bought a whole assortment of sandpaper sheets with different colors and grain size, so the next few pages should be interesting.

Monday of next week might be a new page or it might be a filler. We shall see. I promised a lot of pictures to a lot of people.

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