The Adventure Has Launched

Epic SaveRoom on Oct. 29, 2018

Some story to go with this page: Cassidy is napping in his house, which he lives in with his sister, Jasmine, who is currently not home. Cass and his two siblings, including brother Roland, have lived in this town for four years, with his sister who is his age. Neither have seen their parents, who are over one-hundred miles away, in that same time. It is custom at age 18 that a wolf must leave home for no less than 5 years, completely independent, and must survive without any contact with their parents. Cassidy's older brother is 4 years older and has had contact for the last 3 years, but he has rooted himself pretty strongly in this town. What does Cassidy do to afford his home? Odd jobs, he's that guy that will go around town charming or nagging the neighbors for work, and it usually works, especially with the older ladies. Now that you have a bit of back story, hold tight for what happens next!

Here it is! The first page! This also is the first full size page, which there will be many for key parts of the story throughout!

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