Common Ground: Cover

Darwin on Oct. 30, 2008

One more time into the breach my friends! With luck myself and BBQ will be able to sustain this effort!

This is a collaborative effort between myself and Baditter Bunny Queen. She is the author of a wonderful series of vampire stories from which this story is derived.

We wanted to do a cross over between her story and Only Half. So we set about creating a setting where her characters, in the present, could interact with my character which reside in a far flung future. It was an interesting dillema to be sure…

That was when we realized that a place could be made where the two sets could interact with impunity! I will remain mute on just how that works, though I will say there is no actual time travel involved!

If you were reading this before, Thank you, and you will probably note some fundamental changes to character names. This was done so that BBQ would be able to publish with no risk of having her story /characters be considered “previously published”. Hopefully the change will not affect the storyline too much…and will not halt production on the other end of this effort.

So beginning next week, we will dive headlong into the strange little tale that is Common Ground…

Take care and thanks for reading!

* * *

Baditterbunnyqueen here! I think I finally have this thing figured out. Thanks to Darwin for her infinite patience. Anyway, we should be getting Common Ground up in time for Halloween, so you guys are definitely in for a treat!

Stay with us!